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Xbox Game Pass is a monthly based gaming subscription that gives you access to the library of games containing over 200 high-quality Xbox and PC titles. Most importantly, the games are accessible to download and play as long as you pay a small fee of $2 a month. At the start of each month, Microsoft updates the library with new gaming titles.

And a new round of games is upcoming in the month of September for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. This months Game Pass include some of the recent hit games on Xbox One.

The first roll-out of the new games will start on 19th September. The games would include, Jump Force an anime mash-up fighter and the Bloodstained: Ritual of the night.

Following up on 26th September, Microsoft will add up three more titles in the Game Pass, Bad North, A dirt racing game Dirt Rally 2.0 and The Open-World game Lego Worlds.

The Update is solemnly dedicated to the game pass on the console. However, most of the titles announced are available for Xbox One and some for PC.

Microsoft also added a reminder for their latest blockbuster title in Game Pass announcement, Gears 5, which is accessible at $2 on Game Pass.

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