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It looks like Microsoft is finally worrying enough about gamers with disabilities. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, recently jumped into a Twitter conversation between two users and told them wheelchairs would be coming to Xbox Avatars sooner rather than later, and there’s no need for a petition at all.

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra was quick to release a sneak preview of the upcoming wheelchair avatars following the announcement by Phil Spencer. Check out the future avatars in action below. These will be coming to the Xbox One sooner rather than later.

This addition of special avatars is a great step by Microsoft and shows the company cares about every gamer on the platform. Good on you, Microsoft.

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Dilawer is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox fan. He moved onto the Xbox One after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He's loving the Xbox One so far and enjoying every moment of it. If he's not writing Xbox related stuff on Xboxed then you will find him on Xbox Live scoring some screamers in Fifa.

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