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Replay Value


The Good

  • Detailed environment.
  • Awesome voice acting.
  • Simple controls.
  • Wide variety of weapons and items.
  • Funny references to famous characters.

The Bad

  • Map is not helpful.
  • Combat system.
  • No pointers for quests.
  • No D-pad support for shortcuts.

Unepic is already a pretty popular game and it has been available on the Nintendo Wii U and Steam for quite some time now but that doesn’t mean you can not still enjoy it. It received amazing reviews from gamers and critics alike. Fortunately, Unepic is now available on the Xbox One. We got our hands on a review code thanks to EnjoyUp Games and so far we’ve been enjoying the game. Here’s our full review of the game.

Unepic Review

You start the game as a young kid named Daniel. He’s playing a table-top Role playing game (It’s true) with his friends and everything is going down pretty well for these kids until Daniel feels the need to take a whizz. This is where everything just goes epically wrong for the poor kid. As soon as he starts relieving himself, he realizes that he’s been teleported to a whole new world, to be specific, a castle.

Now the real RPG begins for Daniel because he is supposed to conquer the castle and defeat the Evil lord Harnakon which is easier said than done. Unepic is the perfect mix of platformer and role-playing genre. You get to jump around slash beat enemies with your weapons and you can level up your character, give him extra skills, etc. It’s like Super Mario meets The Legend of Zelda.

There are pure spirits trapped around in the castle and if you complete their provided quests, they will imbue their powers upon you. The quests are a bit complex to follow in this game. You never get any hints or directions regarding your quests so it’s all just trial and error. You have to go everywhere, kill every enemy in your search for the stuff required by your quest. There are also challenges that are more like achievements and have no effect on the story whatsoever.

The entire world is beautifully detailed. You can see every room on the screen and you can also zoom-in to focus solely on your character.

What sets Unepic apart from every game in this genre is the perfect voice acting. Yes, it has full voice acting for every character that speaks. For an indie game, that’s a big achievement and the voice over is pretty amazing as well. The game is filled with cheeky humor and references to pop-culture. You may end up seeing or talking to your favorite cartoon or movie character in the game as well.

You can collect different items and use them anytime you want from within your inventory. You also have access to 12 shortcuts that you can assign to different items for easier switching which comes in handy for weapons and potions. Recipes for different items can be used to create specific items from scratch like health potions, etc. The shortcut system could have been better if the developers had used the D-pad as well but you have to rely on other button combos instead of the D-pad which takes a little getting used to at first.

The map in Unepic is just pointless. You never know the exact location of your character in the game. The map only shows you the room and even that isn’t detailed either. So it’s very unlikely that you’ll need or use the map at all. The map could have been a bit better to give the players a better understanding of where they stand and where they are supposed to go. The combat system also needs a few tweaks because you always take one or two hits from the enemies when in combat. It would be better if your hits would knock back the enemies or at least, hit multiple enemies with a single hit.

There may be a couple of things that need a bit of tweaking in the game but Unepic is still an amazing game that pulls you in and provides a totally immersive gameplay experience. There are so many things you can do like, quests, challenges, extra achievements, etc that give the game a high replay value. Different difficulty levels from Easy to Hard++ make sure that gamers of all skill levels can enjoy this game.

The game lacks an online multiplayer mode which is available on the Steam version of Unepic but the story mode provides bucket loads of fun and excitement.

Unepic is one of the best platforming game available on the Xbox One. If you are looking for quirky humor, fantasy role-play, and a little bit of action then this is the perfect game for you. Even if you just want to enjoy something new and unique then Unepic is definitely what you should be playing. Unepic is worth each penny you spend on it, every single one of it.

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