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If you want to customize your Xbox One background and use your favorite image as the wallpaper then we are going to teach you how to do so in simple steps. Keep on reading to learn how you can change Xbox One background without much hassle.

Here’s how you can easily change your Xbox One background.

On the Home screen, scroll left to open the guide menu.

Go to Settings > All Settings.

Now Select Personalization > My color & background > My background

Here you have three different ways of setting your Xbox One background.

  1. Achievement Art
  2. Custom image
  3. Screenshot

Apart from these three options, you also have the option to choose a solid color from the right as your background.

Set Achievement Art as Background

If you want a certain achievement art from a game as your Xbox One background then select Achievement art option. It will take you to the Achievements app where you can select the desired achievement art and press the Menu button () to set it as background.

Use a Custom Image as Background

If you want to use your own image as the Xbox One background then select the Custom image option. Plug-in your USB and open the image you want as your Xbox One background. Press the Menu button and set it as background.

Set Captured Screenshot as Background

You can also use one of your captured screenshots as your Xbox One background. Just choose the screenshot option and it will open the Xbox capture app. You can browse through all your captured screenshots and select one of them as your background.

If you want your custom background to appear clearly on your Xbox One home screen then make sure to set the tile transparency to “Mostly transparent“. This will ensure the tiles are transparent enough to see your background clearly.

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Dilawer is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox fan. He moved onto the Xbox One after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He's loving the Xbox One so far and enjoying every moment of it. If he's not writing Xbox related stuff on Xboxed then you will find him on Xbox Live scoring some screamers in Fifa.

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