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If you are an Xbox fan, then you must be a Windows lover too. The bond between these two is endless. Microsoft efforts too much to keep the relationship going and keeping the connection alive Microsoft has allowed access of Xbox Game Pass on PC.

However, If you are wondering what Xbox Game Pass is? It’s a subscription-based gaming service by Microsoft that gives you access to some of the hit gaming titles and Xbox exclusives. All you have to pay is the introductory price of USD 4.99 (Now on sale for $1.00 a month) a month to access over 200+ gaming titles on your Xbox and PC. Microsoft keeps adding new titles to the library of games; previously we covered about the addition of new titles into the Game Pass for September you can see them here.

Coming back to the topic, how to use Xbox Game Pass on PC. Traditionally, there are two ways to access the game pass on PC.

  • Access via Xbox App on Windows
  • Access via Microsoft Store on Windows

Accessing Xbox Game Pass-Through Xbox App

By far this is the easiest method, we’ve come across to access the game library of Game Pass on PC.

Just follow these easy steps.

Download the Xbox App available to download at Microsoft store or download it from official Microsoft page for Xbox App.

Xbox Game PassNow, Login with the Microsoft account that has Game Pass on it and you’ll be able to see “Game Pass” menu on the top left corner or most probably it’ll already be the homepage you’ll see. You’ll see the most optimized user interface on Xbox App and much better than Microsoft store.

After that, just install the games from the library, and you can play them through the Xbox App.


Accessing Xbox Game Pass-Through Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is already available on every PC in Windows 10. In that scenario, you don’t have to follow any other installation processes to access the game library. However, we still consider this a slightly complicated method to access Gamepass.

Now, we’ll explain the process to access the game library on the Microsoft Store.

  • Find the Microsoft store through the search bar and open it.
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • On the top right corner, you’ll be able to see the menu button. By clicking on it, you’ll find “My Library” in the droplist.

Select “My Library,” and by the selection, you’ll see a new panel opening on the left side. It is the library of all the apps and games you own.

On the left side panel, Look for “Xbox Game Pass” and click on it and you’ll be able to see all the game in the library.

Xbox Game PassJust choose and install the games to play on PC.

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